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We’re two East London photographers, Terry and Tony, and we welcome you to our site! Please learn more about us on our About Us Page, where you’ll see some photos of us too! But for this page, on with business! Our East London Photographers business!


For photography package-SPECIFIC details please see:


COST: Usually a minimum photo shoot package cost of R1 300

NO prints – sorry!

BUT, even though you get no prints, you DO get:

All of the photos taken at the photo shoot, on an 8GB USB flash drive

with no mention of our names on the photos or any watermark on the photos!

You are free to make as many prints of the photos as you like, in any sizes that you like, at low cost to you, by printing the photos on your own home printer, or by having the prints done at a local photography shop of your choice.

You are free to email the photos to friends and family or display them on Facebook or on your website, without having to credit us (just don’t say it was you that took the photos) and without having to link to our site – although a mention and/or a link to our site would be nice ! 🙂

You are free to make your own copies of the photos (print, or on USB flash drive or DVD or CD) to give to family and friends.

In addition to the folder on your USB flash drive containing ALL the “as is” original photos (even blurry ones or ones that seem almost identical to another – just in case you want those too!) – usually this is about as many as 150 photos, often more – sometimes even more than 300!,

you will also find the following folders on the 8GB flash drive:

A folder with 30 to 50 photos, or part of a photo (a crop or “zoom in” on a specific area of a photo) – these 30 to 50 photos are the ones we consider to be the best photos, and they will also likely have received brightness and/or contrast and/or sharpening edits (if we think necessary or that this minor editing enhances the photo or photos)

A folder containing those same 30 to 50 photos in 600 x 800 px size (good for emailing, Facebook, website use etc)

A folder containing 10 to 20 special edits (high contrast black and white, or a fun filter or edit etc)

A folder containing those same 10 to 20 special edit photos in 600 x 800 px size (good for emailing, Facebook, website use etc)

You may edit your photos without asking our permission.

A photo shoot seldom lasts less than 90 minutes. Relax. No need to feel rushed.

Usually both East London Photographers (us, Terry and Tony!) do a photo shoot – this means you may get quite a few photos on your 8GB USB flash drive!

Our transport costs to and from the photo shoot venue if within the main East London area are included too. If you wish more than one venue to be used for a photo shoot, we may charge extra for transport.

We may, included in the package cost, deliver your USB flash drive to you in person if you are in the main East London area, and if you are not in too much of a hurry to receive your photos (we’re not going to hop into the car the moment we are done editing photos and creating and filling folders for them on your USB flash drive and drive across town especially to deliver the flash drive to you – but we may deliver the next day or the day after).

We will likely either email you between 2 and 5 photos the moment we are done with them, or will put them on Facebook (and let you know to go have a look) at roughly the same time as letting you know that your USB flash drive is now ready for collection, or that we may deliver it to you a day or two later.

NOT included in the package cost is if you reside or work outside of East London and require courier delivery of your photo shoot flash drive. This is for your own cost.

NOT included in the package cost is if we agree on a venue for the photo shoot that requires an entrance fee (for example the zoo). You are to pay our entrance fee. If the venue or location choosing is left up to us only, we choose free venues or free locations.

In the case of product photography or business establishment photography, your products or business receive automatic free exposure (on our site and/or on Facebook when we publish some of the photos and when we blog about the photo shoot). (Free advertising for your business!)


You agree that you automatically accept our terms and conditions and disclaimer when you use our services.

Disclaimer: Photos are taken at your own risk. We do not guarantee that you won’t get injured before, during, or after a photo shoot. We do not guarantee that you will be delighted with every photo we take.

Look after your photos. We may not keep copies for more than about a month, if at all.
It is not our problem if you lose or damage your USB flash drive. If you would like an extra USB flash drive or two (with your photos on the extra flash drive/s too), this is to be ordered and paid for at the same time that you book and pay for your photo shoot. There is an extra charge for copying the photos onto more than one flash drive.

We do not guarantee that you will be happy with every single photo taken! Before booking a shoot, have a look through our site and see if you are happy with how at least some of our photos look – giving you an idea of how at least some of your photos might look! There may even be very many photos you are not happy with – but we do take a lot of photos. You should expect to not be happy with more than about 30 to 50 photos. Any extra that you are happy with is a bonus! We could give you only these 30 to 50 best photos, but we do like to include ALL the photos on the flash drive for your pleasure and convenience.

We reserve the right to publish the photos we’ve taken for you on our site, on Facebook, or elsewhere, or in advertising. We do try to publish only photos that you yourself would likely publish too. However, should you wish for us to remove a photo or two that we have published, with good reason, we can do that asap.

Although we discourage folks from taking (downloading, copy pasting) photos from our site, we cannot promise that nobody will.

We absolve ourselves from any issues related to you requesting that we take photos of products or of buildings that you do not own or have permission to photograph. We simply photograph what you ask us to.

We won’t just publish photos of children under the age of 18. We will first ask for your permission. If there are any misunderstandings or mis-communications regards this and we publish photos you wouldn’t have wanted us to, simply ask us to remove the photos from publication as soon as possible, and we will.

You accept the USB flash drive and its photos folders “as is” – requests to have more photos resized smaller, or requests for edits to be done to any of the photos, we can communicate about, and we’ll give you a quote for us to do the work.

Please adhere to our recommendations and suggestions to help ensure a good photo shoot session
– details on the specific photography package pages:

We ask that you please advise family members, relatives and friends not being photographed to either stay away or, in the event that they need to be there due to transport or also need to be in some of the photos, to stay well clear of the photography area – neither the people being photographed or the photographers should be distracted in any way at all – this helps ensure better photos.

Please be prepared for your photo shoot – for example switch off your phone – we’re not going to stop the clock while you have a long discussion with somebody on the phone during your photo shoot – of course if you want us to photograph you while you chat on the phone, that’s a different story.

Do not book an appointment for or need to be somewhere immediately after the photo shoot. The shoot may continue a bit longer than either you or us intended it to. And if you feel rushed it will make us feel rushed and this may affect the quality of the photo shoot and the photos. Please relax and have fun!

Payment is to be made, preferably via EFT (no direct deposits or cheques!), at the time of booking the date and time for your photo shoot. We cannot “hold” a time and date for you if you have not yet paid. Somebody else may want that time and date slot, who is prepared to pay for it right away. We would like to receive confirmation of EFT payment.

No refunds are given if you cannot make the photo shoot on the day or if there is really bad weather on the day. We can however set a different date or time (for example in the event of really bad weather or an emergency) or you may arrange that a friend or relative take your place as the client, for a same or similar type of photo shoot that you paid for (and your friend or relative pays you).

You are prohibited from saying you took the photos. It is our gift to you (because we are nice people!) that we do not include a watermark or our names on the photos, allowing you to make your own prints at home, cheaply, or at an affordable photography shop of your choice. Please do not abuse this gift from us.

You are prohibited from selling or trying to sell the photos or copies you’ve made of the photos, in digital or printed format. The photos were taken for you, for your personal or business use, not for somebody else’s personal or business use.

If you are unsure that we will allow or be happy with what you intend to do with your photos, simply communicate with us first!

Your photos are to be used in family-friendly ways only.


Wedding photography
Studio photography
Non-family-friendly photography – wear clothes!
Photos that absolutely require flash (at dark or slightly dark or poorly lit indoor places, night time photos etc)

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