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About Us – Two East London Photographers – Terry and Tony

About us, Terry and Tony, two East London photographers, but we do call ourselves – and each other – a whole bunch of other things too!

We do a whole bunch of (there’s that phrase again!) different things, working from home or based from home. Just the two of us

– which reminds me – because it is just two of us, and because we do all sorts of different things to earn our living, we may not always be able to do a photo shoot at short notice, so please try to plan or book your photography shoot in East London with us well in advance of when you might need the photography shoot to be done, also allowing for several days – even perhaps as long as a week or so – after the photography shoot before your 8GB USB flash drive with your photos will be ready! This also applies if needing our photo editing services (Please try to contact us well in advance). Thank you!

But back to telling you about us! Well, I’ll start by including a photo of us (below) and then will continue writing about us on the other side of it.

Terry and Tony in February 2016 at Areena Riverside Resort near East London

Terry and Tony in February 2016 at Areena Riverside Resort near East London

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