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What to Write for My First Post on East London Photographers?

What to write? I’ve been sitting here far too long thinking about what to write for my first post on East London Photographers (the name of our site!) so decided to just start writing and see what comes up!

Jumping for joy at Igoda Beach near East London

Jumping for joy at Igoda Beach near East London

Right now I’m in the process of setting this site up for Tony and I, and Tony is helping – but at this very moment we still have a long way to go – still so much content to write and add, and so many photos to resize and add, too.

What to write? Well, I’m busy writing now! I will come back to this post later, though, and edit it to add more writing. For now I want to add a photo to see if I get the sizing right for setting it as a featured image that appears nicely in the homepage slider.
Oh dear … what photo to add? …

Okay so I decided to add a photo I took a few years ago of my two sons jumping down a sand dune at Igoda Beach near East London. They look like they are jumping for joy and I should be jumping for joy too – Tony and I have a new site! Yay!

Oh and it did fit into the slider nicely – another yay! I got the photo sizing right! 🙂

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